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Magento Store view based email content & logo not changing

Magento Store view based email content & logo not changing

I am having a issue with magento store view based e-mail processing.

I am having a magento portal with english & arabic store view. For each store view, i had installed language local separately. en_US for english and ar-SA for arabic(Saudi arabia). Under configuration i had setup the local for each store view like english for united states and arabic for saudi arabia.

For email Templates: For e-mail templates, i had setup the english logo for english store view and arabic font logo for arabic store view. (Everything done based on the store view).

For Email template, i just leave default local template for each store. Which means it will get it's language based local template. (Arabic from ar-SA folder and english for en_US folder)

Problem: The problem is when i am register a customer, order e-mail any kind of emails i am getting arabic content and arabic logo only.

Example, i am registering with english store view, the welcome email i am getting with arabic logo and arabic local template content.

Please check with the screenshots