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Magento One Template Path Hint Not Showing

Magento One Template Path Hint Not Showing



I have a staging site and a live site controlled by Git so everything is the same - at least it should be.  I have a custom built theme using a local xml file making changes where I need to including copying files I am changing to my local theme folder, I am not changing anything I don't have to and I am not modifying any core files.  


My problem is I can see my template path hints and names just fine on my staging site but on my live site I don't see the one for the footer.  I see all of the other ones for the theme, just not the one for the footer.  The footer is there and displaying, I just don't see the hints for the footer.  The red dotted line and the label just isn't there.  It is though on the staging site.


I ran across this issue because I moved the related products from the right to the footer and it works fine on the staging site but not the live one.  I didi this in my local xml file by unsetting it and adding it to the footer.  When I started to trouble shoot by turning on the hints I noticed that the footer hint was missing.  Not sure this is related and everything else seems to work fine.


 Any thoughts as to what is happening?


Thanks in advance for the help,


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Re: Magento One Template Path Hint Not Showing



Any ideas why this would be happening?  I still cannot figure it out.  Any thoughts would be great.