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Magento 1.9 Indexer problems with interface

Magento 1.9 Indexer problems with interface

We have setup a Magento shop on the emMida software, while the indexer works in transferring the data without errors.


In addition, we run on the same system two Magento Shops and both have problems after data transmission. We were able to limit the error so far that we could find that the indexer will be disabled before the data transmission and will be reactivated after the transfer. There was the frequent cause individual indexers were not renewed and the interface has thrown in an exception.


This error was after one occur permanently, even if the rebuild on the backend still was no problem. For entertaining solution to the problem, we have the catalog flat table 1 emptied (turncate). After this has been done was also the interface first again without error.


The question which now point, where does the fault. Is this to look at the emMida software / interface or in Magento itself? I personally can not understand the reasoning of the provider why must be disabled in just 350 articles of the indexer. The providers justified this, however, that the data transfer of an article otherwise take up to 10 minutes !!! what I never can tell when one of said plurality of articles to me at a programmed clean interface.


About some opinions and ideas I would be very happy. Thanks.