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Magento 1 is not showing Dataflow Profile History

Magento 1 is not showing Dataflow Profile History

This is Magento CE installed from scratch, no themes, no extensions.


  1. Go to Backend
  2. From System -> Import/Export click on Dataflow Profiles
  3. Click on profile with ID number 1 - Export All Products
  4. Change the profile and Run it several times
  5. Click on Profile History. You should see profile history. Click on [Search] button, nothing shows up. Select from Profile Action Run option do a Search, then Update option and do a Search. There are no rows showing up.

Checking Magento database, table [dataflow_profile_history] has information recorded. Column [action_code] has values like run and update.

Even the information is stored inside the database, Profile History in Dataflow Profiles is not showing information about Run, Create and Update of a profile. In my humble opinion this is a Magento bug. See the attachments.


Does anyone has a fix already for this issue?



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