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Magento CE - Help!

Magento CE - Help!

Hello there!


Over the past few days I've been going through Magento, stripping out database fields and cleaning out the logs etc. I've done everything I can possibly do to ensure that the site loads a little faster. So far, through manual cleaning and other things alike, I've managed to decrease the load time from almost 7 seconds down to just 1.2, perhaps a little more. 


My questions is this - 


Pingdom Tools is showing some error messages in terms of our website, and I'd like to know what can be done to resolve these issues, I've gone through FTP and taken a look through the files to see what could be causing it, however, I am not able to locate the exact issue. 


This is the Pingdom Tools URL -!/b8bzqw/


"Parallelize downloads across hostnames" is the first thing that I need to resolve.


The second one, 


"Minimize redirects"


These "requests" are used for our advertising and ensuring our Google Analytics are correct. However, I'm sure there are some URL's and redirects there which are not required. 


If someone is available, I'd be appreciative of any support,


Thank you for your time! 



Re: Magento CE - Help!

Parallelise downloads across hostnames suggests that you should either use CDN or use separate hostname for static files. This is however a low-yield action so nobody is going to point fingers should you choose to ignore it.

Tanel Raja