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Magento Connect Manager - Donwloader Directory

Magento Connect Manager - Donwloader Directory

My problem is this when I try and use the 'Magento Connect Manager' I get the following;



You don't have permission to access /downloader/ on this server.


Now 'necess' (hosting company) have told me that they are actively blocking this directory at a server level. They are willing to rename the directory, however 'Magento Connect Manager' doesn't know about this new directory. So I can copy and rename this directory myself. However what config file do I have to change so 'Magento Connect Manager' knows what the new directory is. I only need to load a couple of old plugins, but also I have to remove 2 old plugins. The removal of 1 of the plugins I have been told by the designers of this module, it has to been done from 'Magento Connect Manager'. Somebody please help. I really need the 'Magento Connect Manager' to work.


I am running Magento


Re: Magento Connect Manager - Donwloader Directory

Hello sjlsmith,


I hope you are doing well!


The error permission to access /downloader/ on this server happens due to incorrect Magento Connect Manager permissions. Thus to fix the permission issues related to Magento Connect Manager, you must follow the below steps,


You should try to re-save the administration roles under configuration-> permissions-> roles.

If the above fix doesn't work, then check the .htaccess file in the downloader directory. It seems that IP will be restricted in that. Or else, you should once replace .htaccess from the original Magento's .htaccess to work.


Initially, logged into the server using the root user.


  • After that, try to access the Magento install directory.
  • Then, run a command find. -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \ to find the directories with full permissions. 
  • Secondly, reset Magento install data to 755 permissions for directories and for the files -> 644.
  • Lastly, give permission 0777 to folders media, var, app/etc. using the below commands :

chmod -R 0777 var/

chmod -R 0777 media/

chmod -R 0777 app/etc/


Thus, errors like "403 -Forbidden You don't have permission to access /downloader/ on this server is due to incorrect permissions of files or directories.


I hope the above fixes help you resolve the "Magento Connect Manager-Downloader Directory" Forbidden issue.



Rex M