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Magento Connect Manager bug?

Magento Connect Manager bug?

When installing any extension I get the following:
Cleaning cache

Exception during cache and session cleaning

It looks to me though, that this message is only a UI bug: the server answers a good looking JSON: `{"result":true,"message":"Cache cleaned successfully"}`

However, during the JavaScript handling of this message, I found that this exception occurs: `TypeError: transport.responseText.evalJSON is not a function`.

The exception is then caught, which displays "Exception during cache and session cleaning".

So all in all, it might be that the cache is cleared successfully to me.

Re: Magento Connect Manager bug?

Hi @drillsar12,



Personally, I don't recommend installing packages through the Magento Connect manager. You should always review the code before installing what you need to install on the platform.


One way to do this is by copying and pasting the extension key from Magento Connect on this website:


By doing that, you will be able to direct download the extension/language pack code and review it. Then you just have to install the extension like any other extension.


Best regards.


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Re: Magento Connect Manager bug?

I am just saying this I think a bug. However, I will do what you suggest.