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Magento Mega Menu Category Structure

Magento Mega Menu Category Structure



We are trying to figure out an effective way of categorizing our product range with a Mega Menu, yet are having issues with URL Category setup with this.


Currently, all products are listed under the top level 'Products' category. The "Product List" page therefore has the URL, '.com/products'


In the category structure, beneath this top level 'Products' category, we have numerous sub-categories that each product fits into, e.g. Category 1, Category 2. These categories have URLs '.com/products/category1' and '.com/products/category2'

From here, you can then access a product at '.com/products/category1/item1' In these categories, the '/products/' part of the URL is clumsy, and ideally we wish to remove this to shorten the overall URL.




We wish to use a Mega Menu, to easily categorize our product range using the nav-bar. To do this, we need the 'Products' category to exist on the top-level, in the nav-bar, with the sub-categories listed above within this. This of course means that this 'Products' category has to be in the URL further down the line.


So, my question is this: How do we still have the top-level category of 'Products', to facilitate the Mega Menu, whilst not having this show up in category page URLs further down the line?


Ideally, we are looking to achieve - '.com/category1/item1' 


Thank you.