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Magento One Page Checkout Directory/File Permissions??

Magento One Page Checkout Directory/File Permissions??

Hi all. We had a script that ran (inadvertently) that changed all the Magento Directories file permissions to 700. We then changed them back (manually) to 755. The site is up and running, but the one page checkout seems to be not working. It is set as YES in System > Sales > Checkout in the admin section. We have cleared the cache and all the other basics.


One symptom is that the customer (since they have to log in to purchase) is asked to log in twice. I don't think this is a cache file permissions issue because I can log into the back end with admin, but maybe it is. Site is using SSL.


I am wondering if there is/are directories that need to be set to a different permission than 755 to make one page checkout work again? No code was changed on the site. Only file permissions.


We are using the Queldorei shopper theme and not using a 3rd party 'one page checkout' that I can see.


Any info/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me crazy!





P.S. I have been googling this issue for 9 hours now with no luck. Too much noise on Google about one page checkout extensions, etc. Magento Version CentOS


Re: Magento One Page Checkout Directory/File Permissions??

Does your web server run as your SSH login user or does it use a different user like www-data or nobody?


If it runs as a separate user, you need to set directory/files permissions as 775/664 on var/ and media/ directory trees so both the login user and web server both have create/write permissions.

Re: Magento One Page Checkout Directory/File Permissions??

Dear @netsoftservices,

Could you please leave your domain? Therefore, we can more easy to see the problem on your site. -
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Re: Magento One Page Checkout Directory/File Permissions??

Hi there guys. This issue was a red herring. I inherited 2 Magento sites and one works one way (true one page checkout) and the other works differently. This was my mis-understanding. Thanks for the replies though. I will post a real head scratcher here next week though. Still vetting it is a real issue. Thanks again. It is great to see a vibrant community here for Magento.