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Magento Template Issue

Magento Template Issue



We've recently purchased a template for magento and it is coded for version 1.7.x. However, we're running and I'd like to know what's the process of upgrading a template and how to do it? The servicer that we purchased the template from requested 350$ for template upgrade, so yeah. 


Thanks for help in advance,




Re: Magento Template Issue

@GSMPartsCenter Is this template responsive or notmal magento template? 

If it is not responsive then also you should be able to use it. In Magento we have rwd theme for responsive design.

What do you mean by upgrade? Does this theme contains php files also?

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Re: Magento Template Issue

Thanks for prompt answer!


The theme is responsive, yes. However it is meant to be used with Magento 1.7.x. Here's my System - Design page.



The theme consists of APP, JS and SKIN folder. There are sample_data files and sql file in case I want to make it look same as on demo. They said that the template must be completely recoded in order to make it compatible with but that does not sound right.

Re: Magento Template Issue

One major thing to look out for is that Magento 1.8 introduced CSRF tokens to most of its forms, so if this theme was written for 1.7.x, chances are it is missing a lot of calls like this, whereever a form is output:


<?php echo $this->getFormKey();?>

You could simply search the source code for the theme for 'getFormKey' and see if there are any matches. If so, you may be in luck and the theme may have already been upgrade to be compatible with 1.8+.


Otherwise, depending on the size and the scope of theme (as in, how many of the templates are overwritten when compared to whatever base theme it uses), this may be a fairly big job to upgrade.



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Re: Magento Template Issue

Which files should I check exactly? Also, what should be done if there's a match?