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Magento WYSIWYG editor not showing images properly

Magento WYSIWYG editor not showing images properly



This is my first time posting here, but I am having a problem that not a lot of people seem to be having, I have only found one image of my problem on google.


So, after updating from magento to, WYSIWYG is not showing images properly in backend.


The raw "code is : <p><img alt="test" src="{{media url="wysiwyg/pics/images.jpg"}}" title="test" /></p>


and the one in html source:


<p><img alt="test" src="" title="test" /></p>


Note: I have replaced my website name and admin URL with "xxxxx".




Also images inserted from other websites such as imgur . com work fine, only the ones from my website are broken.


P.S: I am also having issues with the flash uploader being removed, but I have fixed that by using a HTML 5 uploader, so that should be unrelated to this issue.


P.S 2: The images only appear broken in the editor, they are properly displayed on the frontend.


Firefox console shows this:





Re: Magento WYSIWYG editor not showing images properly

I'm having the same issue, images not displayed in the backend but fine in the frontend. I'm using Magento too.

Have you figured out anything @leon2225?