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Magento and Kaspersky

Magento and Kaspersky

I want to inform the community about a strange behaviour of my shop with users, which have Kaspersky antivirus installed.

Kaspersky has/had a false positive heurtistic virus detection of   index.php/checkout/onepage/saveShippingMethod/ in checkout process.

This virus detection causes, that customer can not choose payment method but gets back to shopping chart. In many cases there was no information provided, that this was caused by Kaspersky.


I solved this issue with Kaspersky Busieness support (they addmitted  that the cause for this problem was a false positve tetection)


It might be, that this problem still accures with other shops. Kaspersky told me, that they have solved this for my shop, but they are not sure, if there are other shops still involved



To detect, if you have this problem, look at your webserver logs.

This errror accures there in the following way:


For a specific IP after



you will find as next entry  




instead of




Most of my customers tried this serveral time and then gave up.


I was glad, that I have very loyal customers, which reported this problem to me. Without this I would not have recognized it.

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Re: Magento and Kaspersky

These are the magento 2 forums. You're going to want to post your posting to

Mark Shust · ZCE, MCD+

Re: Magento and Kaspersky

I moved your topic to the Technical Issues section for Magento 1.x as you posted it in the section for Magento 2.


markoshust: You can report the post to bring it to our attention and we will move it to the appropriate section. Smiley Happy

James Lee | Moderator • Magento Master
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Re: Magento and Kaspersky

I have the same issue, I created a ticket, but no solution:


How did you get in touch with bussiness support from Kaspersky?

Re: Magento and Kaspersky

I dont know clearly about your problems, but I think you can search in or for more information, this is kaspersky's website with a full of information