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Magento auto-generated page types

Magento auto-generated page types

Hey Magento community,

I'm an SEO helping out on a Magento site--trying to clean up a site's architecture. 

I'm hoping to understand more about any pages that the Magento CMS may generate automatically.

The site I'm reviewing has up to 14 different variations of the same page. I'm working on getting canonical links added to those variants to mitigate any duplicate content issues. But the ultimate goal is to remove and redirect any unnecessary variants here.

Many, for example, include index.php references, which one must assume are CMS generated. Is this correct?

Here are a few URL variants that I'm seeing currently, where xyz represents a product name or identifier:

  • / xyz
  • / catalog / xyz / category / #
  • / index.php / xyz
  • / index / catalog / xyz / category / #
  • / shop by category / (product category) / xyz
  • / (category) / (product line) / xyz

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even just pointing to some good resources for me to research myself would help as well. Thanks!


Re: Magento auto-generated page types

Hi @alexdealy,


I think you'll find this link very useful:


You should activate the cannonical urls too.