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Magento keeps changing urls

Magento keeps changing urls

Good afternoon guys!


Since a few weeks I am having a serious problem with keeps on rewriting the custom product urls and changing it with the product title.I can see the changes in the DB and the changes happen every 3 days and only in 1 specific store view.

For example:


Product name: Ubiquinol - Kaneka QH®
Custom url: kaneka-ubiquinol-50-mg-60-softgels
Magento rewrits to: ubiquinol-kaneka-qhr

Does anyone know how to fix this? Smiley Frustrated

Thanks Paul

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Re: Magento keeps changing urls

This could be the indexing process that tries to create "SEO optimized" URL-s. Or it could be some third party extension. Here's a bit more about it:


Tanel Raja

Re: Magento keeps changing urls

If you are still having problems, let us know of any extensions you may have installed so we can assist further.

Leslie B.
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Re: Magento keeps changing urls

Have you tried disable all installed extensions that can rewrite Magento's URL? Such as: SEO, Checkout...

Also, you can try renaming .htaccess file. This maybe the cause of this issue.

Re: Magento keeps changing urls

Hi Tanel, thanks for your reply! I forwarded the article to our magento specialist and he ruled this out we are going to dig in deeper and look for the cause.


I will keep you updated!

Re: Magento keeps changing urls

That is a little bit difficult because it's a live store...but we are now looking into all extensions again! The problem seemed to appear just a few weeks out of nowhere. I will let you know when I get an update