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Magento search by attribute not working

Magento search by attribute not working

We recently updated a magento installation from 1.9.1 to and some search feature seems broken since.

Most keyword that where working before aren't anymore. I've noticed that the catalogsearch_fulltext table is not filled completely, the only strings that are added are the title and the categories.

In the attribute configuration, several attribute should be indexed, the sku and several other custom attributes (searchable both in quick and advanced search).

This is an exemple of what is the result in the catalogsearch_fulltext table. Multiple whitespace where attribute string should be, 0 which I dont know what it is and then title and category that are fine.

       0   Title Category1 Category2 ...

I've done : clear cache, re-index, checked and test with different search type (Full texte, Like, Combine), cleared manually cache from var/cache.