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Magento ver. issue with order emails cron


Magento ver. issue with order emails cron



I am having issue with the order emails being generated once a customer creates an order on the website. The system is somehow not sending the email orders to admin and to customer as well. However, as an admin, I am able to receives emails from contact form and Invoices.


After reviewing the database, I noticed that the order emails are there in the emails queue table but they are not being processed for somehow. Can anyone please tell me if this issue is causing because my store url is not a valid domain url ? i.e. it is still running on server IP address and username. This is my store url ( )


Thanks in advance.


Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

When you say that the emails "are not being processed", is this because the "processed_at" field in the table does not contain a valid date and time? If so, this suggests that your Magento cron may not be set up correctly. Keep in mind that due to the periodic nature of a cron, it can take a few minutes for an email to be processed, depending on the interval the cron is configured to run.


If your cron is however running correctly, it could well be that the emails are caught by spam filters due to your site not running on a properly set up domain. You can try checking your spam folders in your email accounts for the missing emails. Alternatively, if you have access to your server's email logs, you can check those to verify that the emails are actually being processed by your server (if you are on a debian/ubuntu system, try /var/log/mail.log or /var/log/exim/mailog).

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Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

Thanks iweb for your response,


Yes, the "processed_at" field in the table always remains NULL.

Can you please advise me how to fix that and what will be possible solution to setup the Magento crons ?

Also my website is setup on a Linux based server ( Bluehost ), do I also need to add a cron job in a Cron Tab of Bluehost ?

Please guide me to fix this issue as my website is completed to go live by the order email issue is not allowing me to make it live.



Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

Just do a small change in order.php


First create one directory strcture as below path and then copy and paste the file to below path.


Now, change from



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Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

WOW Is work fine for me!!!!  


Thanks man!!!    very much  Smiley Happy 

Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

For me it helped partially.
My new order emails were dependant on cron, so those are now arriving

But no admin emails, so those are not dependent on cron?
There are no admin emails in the queque table also, like they are not being made at all.

I can't also find any setting that relate to admin emails in specific, is there any?

Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron

Have you tried checking with your hosting provider to see which email address is being used to send the emails.

Re: Magento ver. issue with order emails cron



It is working like a charm when the cron is not working. Many thanks!