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Magento version 1.7 new products are not showing


Magento version 1.7 new products are not showing



I have been working with magento for around 6 months now so am still quite new to it all, I have managed to add several products to my store in the past and had it running online for quite some time.


I recently updated the theme and added alot of my own CSS so that the page is easier to use and looks better but I am now unable to add products. I can add them into the backend but they do not get listed in front end when you go into their category. They do effect the product count in the category at the front end.


I have made sure that they are enabled, view in search catalouge, stock in store, have price, are linked to the right categories and store. I have reindexed and refreshed the cache. I have queried the products via MySQL and they are showing that they are linked to the correct category ID. I have copied over the database into another magento installation and they are still not shown. I even tried to add them to the old website setup before I uploaded the new look and the products did not get listed.


I have also duplicated a product that is working and re enabled it and it did not get listed. it seems to be anything added recently.


I have a client wanting to add an item to their range and I am unable to add this or any other product. I am starting to pull out my hair as nothing seems to be working. Any help or advise would be amazing.


Re: Magento version 1.7 new products are not showing

Dear @JeremyWoodcock,

What is the type of your product? You should check some problem as below:

1. In tab General, please check the field: Visibility *.

2. In tab Inventory, the field Qty large than 0 and Stock Availability is In Stock.

3. In tab website, please choose website that you want to show product.

4. In tab Categories, please choose a category.

5. If the type of product is virtual product, in tab Downloadable Information please add Link for product.


Hope it helpful for you. -
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Re: Magento version 1.7 new products are not showing

Hi @ACheckout


Sorry it took me so long to respond I had major server issues that took the site offline for a week or so. (long story)


I have looked into what you suggested and below is what I set everything to.


viability: catalog, search

inventory: not managing stock (it is the same for the older products that are showing)

website: only have the one store and this doesn't appear to be an option in 1.7

categories: they are selected and even adding to the category count on the front end website

it is a standard product.


Is there any other reason you can think that products would be adding to the count in the categories but not listing on the front page?


thanks again


Re: Magento version 1.7 new products are not showing

I figured out why products were not adding!


I have a feeling it is going to only ever be a problem to me but I will post what the issue was in case it will help anyone else.


turned out the people running the website before I took over, had a rule set in Customers -> Products Available --> Rules that stopped certain users seeing products unless you enable them. the group was the only group at this stage using the catalog so I assumed it was everyone.


thanks for all the help