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Magmi replacement for 1.9.3

Magmi replacement for 1.9.3

I love Magmi, we were able to blast data in from a source database and all with a simple command line... but magmi does not work well with 1.9.3   it does work for basic things but things that used to work like multi value fields and even creating a new product have issues.. (prices section is missing from product catalog page in back end) among many other little things.. simply put.. this is not been upgraded and kept current.. 

I am looking for a replacement.  I need to wipe and recreate ALL my products every hour.. yea I know that sounds crazy.. the products come and go constantly and change constantly.. 

This needs to happen automatically.. so the command line was perfect .. I blasted data in and did not go through the slow API..  

So looking for suggestions to replace magmi or if someone updated it for 1.9.3 


It is also one of the reasons we did not move to 2




Re: Magmi replacement for 1.9.3



If you are interested in an alternative to be able to automatically import/update products on schedule, you cam check Store Manager for Magento application with built-in Automated Product Import tool (works both with Magento 1 and Magento 2.x).


You can set up import to be running each predefined period of time. If you need it every hour, the first import should end before the second starts, if not, the second import will be put in the queue.


The solution is paid, however, this is one-time payment for life-time license and there are 3 editions to fit the needs of businesses of different sizes. You can download  14-day fully-functional version to check how to works.

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.