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Make my new products look like other aisle pages

Make my new products look like other aisle pages

Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help explain to me why my products look different when magento pulls them versus a normal category page. I tried creating a widget and choosing my website's theme, I've tried editing the Layout Update XML and Custom Layout Update XML on a brand new page, as well as on a new category page. I can't figure out why the products won't display the same way as they do on other aisle pages.


The goal is to have a New Arrivals page where magento will automatically pull products that are set to new. Right now it's only showing 3 because I haven't imported the "set new dates" for all of our products yet. Right now I'm just concerned about the way they are displayed. I want them to look like all of our other aisle pages (driving safety is the example below).   (incorrect)

versus    (correct) 


Thanks in advance for your help!

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