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Malicious Script on One Page Only


Malicious Script on One Page Only

I have what I believe to be a malicious script in the head portion of one page only.  I believe all the pages should be using the same header information but I am unable to find where this script is coming from and it's location.  I apologize for such a simple problem but I am fairly new to Magento and have looked in the CMS blocks and Page content.  I have looked in System>Configuration and have been unable to find the script.  Please help I have attached the script in questions below.


<script type="text/javascript" async="" src="/_Incapsula_Resource?SWJIYLWA=2977d8d74f63d7f8fedbea018b7a1d05&amp;ns=1&amp;cb=536048894"></script>


Re: Malicious Script on One Page Only

Hi @FantomMaster,


You have 2 options:


  1. Search accross all your code (you can use your own IDE or using the OS shell)
  2. As you said, search on CMS pages and also ins this two options

Área de trabajo 1_007.png


Área de trabajo 1_008.png



Can you share which url has the problem?

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