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Mangento XML error for Spark Shipping order sync

Mangento XML error for Spark Shipping order sync



Spark Shipping is currently receiving the following XML error from Magento (they only provided me part of it) when trying to sync products between Magento and their platform; I'm unfortunately stuck and can't send any of our orders that require vendor direct shipping to them.


<item xsi:typeS53</rHisd:sy1:salederAddressEntity\"><parent_id xsi:type=\"xsd:string\">/quote_item_id><creatcomiroeing\">04owogd_at xrcLWcrCi:**bleep** Card: xxxx-6035yype=\"xg$</shi \">0.0000<;s:1:captui: - suced_aful. A>0.0000<.Net6.10nsaceing\"ID xsd:1835154135-0716274-235. 6.80nsaceing\"ID: \"xsd:0824672133-0736245-257\".:strmntity\"xsi:typ/><parent_id xs>\">67oap/>\">=\"


Please note: some of the above numbers/letters have been changed in the event this is contains actual customer info.


We're able to sync new products added to our store but the above error is keeping orders from being synced from Magento to Spark Shipping.


Our current setup looks and has previously worked like this:

Mangento (hosted with nexcess) + cloudflare + maxcdn + spark shipping with two vendors (one for vendor direct shipped orders and ship station for our in house fulfillment).


The only significant change since the problem started has been the installation of AOE Scheduler which I've since uninstalled (via Magento Connect) while troubleshooting this error. Nexcess also added another cron job because the old ones from my previous web host weren't working.


Please let me know what additional information you need from me to help diagnose this issue.


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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