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Meta Keywords – can’t delete or update on products

Meta Keywords – can’t delete or update on products

I’m wondering if anyone can help, I’ve took over looking after a Magento installation so have been learning ‘on the job’ so to speak but there’s one thing I cannot seem to fix or find a solution for.


Basically, on existing products, for what ever reason, I cannot change or edit the Meta Keywords, whenever I edit them, save product, the changes don’t save and revert back to what was originally there. Now meta keywords aren’t as critical as they previously were in terms of SEO, but I need to delete/edit them on a lot of products.


I’ve also found that if I duplicate a product, the issue is still there, meta keywords can’t be changed, the only way round it at the moment is to make a brand new product and delete the old one. This however doesn’t seem to be happening on more recently added products, it just seems to be on products that were already on the website when I took over it.


I am at a total loss as to why this is happening as I have no idea if its anything to do with the Magento core installation, the theme or any installed extensions used, I even asked the person I took over from and they didn’t know.


If anyone has had a similar experience to this and knows a fix, please shout up as I really want to avoid creating a couple of thousand new products just to sort out the meta info if it can be helped.


Thanks in advance