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Migrating Magento from one server to next

Migrating Magento from one server to next

Hi all


I've just started looking into Magento and have inherited a site from a colleague of mine.

I got the basic magento admin site working and can log in but when I try to access the inherited site I continue to get the error below; url is invalid. I can understand why this happens and want to reset the base url back to localhost


I am using the version 1.9.2 and php5.6


I also found a site to help explain changing settings in the db to a new base_url which I followed but this didn't solve the problem; I feel there are other settings in a config file somewhere else


#0 [internal function]: mageCoreErrorHandler(8192, 'iconv_set_encod...', 'C:\\dev\\Apache24...', 521, Array)
#1 C:\dev\Apache24\htdocs\wineshop\lib\Zend\Validate\Hostname.php(521): iconv_set_encoding('internal_encodi...', 'UTF-8')
#2 C:\dev\Apache24\htdocs\wineshop\lib\Zend\Uri\Http.php(449): Zend_Validate_Hostname->isValid


any help appreciated