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Moved domain, can't login to admin


Re: Moved domain, can't login to admin

Thanks for the advice.


 Sorted now.

Re: Moved domain, can't login to admin


I think, I have the same problem.

I have install Magento 2 with an internal IP address. Then I have changed the IP address to a public domain name. I have saved the information and the admin was redirected to the login page.

If I enter the username with password on the login page and press sign in, I get a new link in the browser. The username on the new login page is empty and no default will displayed. I can do this again and I get always the same login screen.

I have deleted all cookies in the browser and cleared the cache in var. It still doesn’t work.


Your solution:

“this is probably old htaccess redirect”

“check if you have updated rewrite base, etc”


How can I do this?


I would be grateful to receive a response!



Re: Moved domain, can't login to admin

make sure that you changes the domain in settings and also set the ssl if it is present:


bin/magento setup:store-config:set --base-url="" --base-url-secure="" --use-secure=1 --use-secure-admin=1
bin/magento cache:flush