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New category redirects to homepage

New category redirects to homepage

I recently added a new category and am having issues with it redirecting properly.  I haven't been able to find any problems quite like the one I'm having out there.


The category I have created (Jeep Accessories) displays in the navigation menu, but when it is selected it is directed to, instead of


I'm able to create a redirect from "?cat=23995" to "jeep-accessories.html" that will allow it to work, but when I select additional layers of navigation, such as price, there is an error and I am redirected back to the homepage.


The System redirects from jeep-accessories.html to catalog/category/view/id/23955 work just fine but for whatever reason I can't seem to find the initial issue of why it is not correctly directing to jeep-accessories.html.


Thanks for any help in advance.



Eventually fixed my own problem.  Created a new URL rewrite with "?cat=23995" as request and id path