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Newsletters Sending Really Slowly. Taking a few days.

Newsletters Sending Really Slowly. Taking a few days.

Hello, our newsletters are taking days to send. Some are likely not even sending at all. We got a response from our Hosts after complaining to them and their reply was:

"This is not the server that has been limiting this. In fact, looking at the queue, it has not gotten over ~25 email in size. If the server queued up 7000 emails and sent them slowly, that would indicate a limitation in the email server, however it appears that your Magento installation is sending them slowly to the mail server. When reviewing the mail queue, I saw some old emails that did not make it due to various errors (unable to connect to remote mail server, etc) and I have since removed them. The queue is now clean and I do not see any emails pushing through the queue."


I saw on threads that it is to do with the Cron file but I'm weary of causing further damage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My Magento Version is

Thank you,




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