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No Products in Featured Product Slider


No Products in Featured Product Slider

Hi there,

i have a very misterious problem. i hope you can help.


The Featured Product Slider is enabled, the Article are marked as "featured", the marked article is in the shop, but not in the slider. The products were sometimes in the slider, but after some changes (i.e. changing the order of categories) there are no articles in the slider "there are no featured products available". can't i  see the wood for the trees?


Please help





Magento Version, German


Re: No Products in Featured Product Slider

... new Articles are  marked as featured and the new are on my site.



EDIT ... copied articles, which i marked as featured are on my site, too??? What is that?


Edit 2: I don't know why, but when i deactivate the product-status and activate after saving, the product is shown in the slider.