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Occasional Upload HTTP Error in frontend

Occasional Upload HTTP Error in frontend

We have a couple of sites that clients can upload their photo's/images and we then print them out & send them off.

We have one module uploader that clients upload images for poster & canvas prints & a different uploader for framed prints.

I don't know for sure but I am guessing that both modules use the magento uploader.

We are getting increasing complaints from clients that when they try & upload an image it stops part way through & they get an HTTP Error

Having done some testing it would appera that using Google Chrome on both Mac & PC appears to be the best at completing an upload with Safari & IE most likely to throw an error.


The developers of the modules are pretty much blaming our server but I fail to see how it can be the server if it only happens occasionally & if I can succesfully upload a 60MB image in Chrome why does it mostly fail in other browsers & os's.


In Plesk PHP settings the max upload & file size are set to 200MB, max input & execution time set to 36000 & memory set to 512MB


Any suggestions on what I may need to change on the server to get a more reliable upload?


Plesk 12.0.18

Centos 6.7

Magento CE1.9.1


Re: Occasional Upload HTTP Error in frontend

but can you check your error logs just to be sure there is nothig suspicious

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Re: Occasional Upload HTTP Error in frontend

Hi @anim8design,


Can you one verify and confirm that the extension is not using flash based uploader?



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Re: Occasional Upload HTTP Error in frontend

Which error logs do I need to check because I cant find anything in the exception or system log.


The uploader for posters & canvas uses html5 then depricates to html4 then if all else fails flash.

The other one I have no idea & to be honest I really wish I had never bought the **bleep** thing for all the grief it's given me.