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Options missing under System - Web services

Options missing under System - Web services

Hi all,


For a third-party integration, they are asking us to configure a Rest Role. According to all information I could find, you should be able to do this via System - Web Services - Rest Roles.


Funny thing is, is that this option (and System - Web Services - Rest attributes as well) is not showing up in our Magento 1.7 store. I do have the other five options (for SOAP and REST), but just not these two. I haven't found any other post anywhere online about this issue. I'm also working on a new store with Magento 1.9, this does have these options.


I'm logged in as admin user with all rights in the backend, also full privileges on the database. All file permissions were checked with magento-cleanup.php.


Any thought on how this could have happened and of course, how to solve it?