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Order Placement Failure

Order Placement Failure

Payment transaction failed.

Billing state/province is required.

Checkout Type



Recieving this once customer places order. Only happens on orders outside US.  Information is being added by text. Dropdown selection box disappears once country is selected. How do we fix this?


Re: Order Placement Failure

It sounds as if you have I believe they require you to submit a billing state/province regardless. If you go to the admin under System->Configuration->General->General, there will be a group called States Options. Inside there will be a multiselect called State is required for. Here you need to select the countries you will be selling to. This forces the user to set a state/province on checkout.


Alternatively, you could possibly contact (I'm assuming it's them) and ask them to remove the state/province restriction as you are processing foreign countries which might not have states.

Re: Order Placement Failure

Thank you for your response but we don't currently use . We are using Ecorepay. I don't know if it is the same and if they have the same type settings but have sent an e-mail to them. Should hear back to them by monday or hopefully sooner. My new question is as follows: What file do i adjust to remove the countries from the state list you spoke of before?

Once again thank you for your response.

Re: Order Placement Failure/ State/province selection dropdown box malfuncton

ok so lets try it differently . Once country, other then U.S. is  selected , state/province dropdown box dissapears and id replaced with a text input style area. Once state/ province is manualy added and all other info is completed it kicks back to billing address page stating state/province info required. any ideas?


Re: Order Placement Failure/ State/province selection dropdown box malfuncton

Even if it's in the form of a text input which is normal since not all countries in magento have populated select fields for states, it should work. Are there any modifications to the cart? That could be why it's not passing the text field state/province to the controller.

Re: Order Placement Failure/ State/province selection dropdown box malfuncton

1.order failure malfuction

2. ecorepay extension module added

3.still has order malfunction

4.updated magento from1.9.1 to 1.9.2

5. now once a product is selected it doesn't add to cart instead we recieve this on the page it opens

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