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Order history not appearing in customers dashboard/account

Order history not appearing in customers dashboard/account


I have been trying to research/fit this issue for weeks and hope someone here can help.


On occasion orders placed are not appearing for customers under their dashboard/account on the "my orders" tab.


This is not happening for all customers (majority works fine) or for all orders orders e.g. sometimes a customer has orders appear under their dashboard, then suddenly one won't show and the next one does.

I have tried browsers, caching issues, etc.  I thought it was a Order Status issue so changed order status's to always show but then this is null and void when 2 people order the same payment method, same order status, one shows and one does not.  I find it easy to fix issues when everything does not work but when it is intermittent like this, it is hard.


If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.




Re: Order history not appearing in customers dashboard/account

If you compare two orders for a customer, one that is shown, and one that is not, is the customer details section order any different? Does the email address in order details take you to the customer in admin in both instances? I'm wondering if somehow one of the orders is connected to the customer and the other is a guest order with the same email address - so not actually connected. 

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