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Orders set to processing but invoice is not being created

Orders set to processing but invoice is not being created



I'm new to Magento and have a odd problem with a client's site my business manages. They have alerted us to an issue where some order being made on the site have been alerted as fraudulent by paypal, then paypal has authorised the payment about 12 hours later, which has set the oder to processing but has not created an invoice for the order.


This has resulted in the client missing orders from customers because when they search through  the invoices some of the orders are not there even though the payment has gone through.


Though I don't think it is a module as the problem has only recently been happening and these modules were installed awhile ago. The extensions currently installed apart from the default are:

-MageWorx Custom Options

-Crafty Clicks click to address

-Meanbee TinyMCE


Has anyone ever encountered this problem before, or know what could possible be causing it? Any advise would be appreciated because as I mentioned I'm very new to the magento platform.


Re: Orders set to processing but invoice is not being created

I had a similar problem with another payment module that redirects the customer to a separate payment page. The order was created in redirectAction however invoice was issued in successAction. Which means that if the customer gets to the payment page and pays it successfully but closes the browser before redirecting back to your site, the order is created but the invoice is not issued. I don't know if that's the case for you but I hope it helps someone.

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