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Ordoro Importing information

Ordoro Importing information

Hello, I am using Ordoro to manage my shipping with my site, but ive run into a little bit of a snag, I have lots of products, and a few of them have a sling, I have that has a option, Red sling, Blue sling, and the sling "No Sling" is the preset one. Problem is, if the item is a Assault Rifle, then Ordoro imports that as a "No Sling" instead of a Assault Rifle. I am unsure as how to fix that problem, and I have contacted Ordoro, and they to are unsure on how to proceed to fix this problem. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


Re: Ordoro Importing information

Unfortunately, I can't help you with the Ordoro issue. Sorry about that! 

I did want to share that ecomdash (another order and inventory management software) is known for its ability to easily handle complex inventory needs (including parent/child SKUS, kitting, bundling and built products). To date, we're the only inventory/order/shipping software that can help firearms sellers integrate their gun sales into the rest of their order management process. 


Just out of curiousity, where else are you selling firearms? GunsAmerica? 


Hope the Ordoro issue gets resolved quickly. Take care.