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PHP Zip extension not found.

PHP Zip extension not found.

Hi, I met a uploading problem about .zip extension, and i am desperate. The screenshot is listed below: 

error info


From the admin panel, under the AM -  AM Revolution Slider - Import, i try to upload a .Zip file to here. But after i clicked the Import button,  the website said that "PHP Zip extension not found".  I initially thought it could be a web hosting issue and called the support team of my web hosting service provider, Godaddy, they said the server is running okay and has no problem at all. I even called the customer support of the theme that i am using for my shop, they said it could be a part of magento and web hosting issue. Anyway, i tried everything online and nothing worked, and this forum is my last possible life saving straw. So, please, anything would be truly appreciated.


Thank you!




Re: PHP Zip extension not found.

Your screenshot is not showing correctly.


Also, GoDaddy is not a acceptable hosting company to run Magento properly. You are going to have more headaches then they are worth.

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