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PHP5.3 to PHP5.5, Possible Magento Issues? (CE1.9.0.1)

PHP5.3 to PHP5.5, Possible Magento Issues? (CE1.9.0.1)



My server host is changing our current PHP5.3 install to PHP5.5 for security fortification among other things. I am currently using CE1.9.0.1 and have transitioned the test server to my own personal server which I changed to 5.5 to see if I could view any possible problems I may run into, with nothing showing. Possibly a good sign, however just to be sure, I thought I would come check with the experts to see if they know of anything I may be trying to look out for or if any of these changes even affect any of the inner workings that Magento uses.


I see in some of the changes from 5.3 to 5.5 are;

  • Magic Quotes removed
  • session_is_registered(), session_register(), session_unregister() all removed
  • pack() and unpack() changes

I don't know a whole lot about the backend of the system as I am more graphic designer than full stack (for now Smiley Wink ). So any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!