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hello Guys,


I use now PHP7 to check the shop is working on it but I get a error when I go to


This page contains the following errors:

error on line 242 at column 9: Extra content at the end of the document
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

End web service session Login user and retrive session id Start web service session List of available resources List of global faults List of resource faults List of storesStore view infoInfo about current Magento installationList of countriesList of regions in specified countryRetrieve customersCreate customerRetrieve customer dataUpdate customer dataDelete customerRetrieve customer groupsRetrieve customer addressesCreate customer addressRetrieve customer address dataUpdate customer address dataDelete customer addressSet_Get current store viewRetrieve hierarchical tree of categories.Retrieve hierarchical tree of categories.Retrieve hierarchical tree of categories.Create new category and return its id.Update categoryMove category in treeDelete categoryRetrieve list of assigned productsAssign product to categoryUpdate assigned productRemove product assignment from categorySet/Get current store viewRetrieve category attributesRetrieve attribute optionsSet/Get current store viewRetrieve products list by filtersRetrieve productCreate new product and return product idUpdate productProduct multi updateUpdate product special priceGet product special price dataDelete productSet/Get current store viewGet list of additional attributes which are not in default create/update listRetrieve attribute listRetrieve attribute optionsCreate product attribute set based on another setRemove product attribute setRetrieve product attribute setsAdd attribute into attribute setRemove attribute from attribute setCreate group within existing attribute setRename existing groupRemove group from attribute setGet list of possible attribute typesCreate new attributeDelete attributeGet full information about attribute with list of optionsUpdate attributeAdd option to attributeRemove option from attributeRetrieve product typesRetrieve product tier pricesUpdate product tier pricesSet/Get current store viewRetrieve product image listRetrieve product image dataRetrieve product image typesUpload new product imageUpdate product imageRemove product imageRetrieve linked productsAssign product linkUpdate product linkRemove product linkRetrieve product link typesRetrieve product link type attributesAdd new custom option into productUpdate product custom optionGet list of available custom option typesGet full information about custom option in productRetrieve list of product custom optionsRemove custom optionRetrieve custom option value infoRetrieve custom option values listAdd new custom option valuesUpdate custom option valueRemove value from custom optionRetrieve list of orders by filtersRetrieve order informationAdd comment to orderHold orderUnhold orderCancel orderRetrieve list of shipments by filtersRetrieve shipment informationCreate new shipment for orderAdd new comment to shipmentAdd new tracking numberSend shipment infoRemove tracking numberRetrieve list of allowed carriers for orderRetrieve list of invoices by filtersRetrieve invoice informationCreate new invoice for orderAdd new comment to shipmentCapture invoiceVoid invoiceCancel invoiceRetrieve list of creditmemos by filtersRetrieve creditmemo informationCreate new creditmemo for orderAdd new comment to shipmentCancel creditmemoRetrieve stock data by product idsUpdate product stock dataMulti stock item updateCreate shopping cartRetrieve information about shopping cartCreate an order from shopping cartGet total prices for shopping cartGet terms and conditionsAdd product(s) to shopping cartUpdate product(s) quantities in shopping cartRemove product(s) from shopping cartGet list of products in shopping cartMove product(s) to customer quoteSet customer for shopping cartSet customer's addresses in shopping cartSet shipping methodGet list of available shipping methodsSet payment methodGet list of available payment methodsAdd coupon code for shopping cartRemove coupon code from shopping cartRetrieve list of tags by productRetrieve product tag infoAdd tag(s) to productUpdate product tagRemove product tagSet a gift message to the cartSetting a gift messages to the quote itemSetting a gift messages to the quote items by productsAdd links to downloadable productRetrieve list of links and samples for downloadable productRemove links and samples from downloadable productUpdate price onlyCreate multiple productsUpdate multiple productsUpdate multiple tier prices for a productCreate customer group listStock Item Update MultipleStock Item Update MultipleTest FooReindex one index with given idCreateDeleteCreate or update invoicehistoryCreate or update orderhistoryCreate a bundled productCreate a optionsAdd child products to the bundled productRemove all options from a bundled product

I've tried myself:

- Install Inchoo_PHP7

- Flush Cache 

- Check conflicts modules "n98-magerun.phar dev:module:rewrite:conflicts"  (It's 0) 


Running Magento


Best regards,


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