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Pagination is suddenly missing

Pagination is suddenly missing



At my online store all of a sudden the pagination and toolbar are dissapeared on the category view.

I already checked the files (toolbar.phtml and pager.phtml) and if the blocks are well called in the xml files of the category page. The thing is that it worked fine and I didn't made any changes in the last week.


Does anyone here have the solution for me to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Pagination is suddenly missing


Has this problem now gone away? Looking at this link it seems to show the toolbar and paginator just fine.

Problem solved? Click Accept as Solution! | Magento Small Business Partner

Re: Pagination is suddenly missing

Yes problem is already solved with another method that makes the pagination visible again. Not the way that it is right but it is working! Thanks for your time to take a look!

Re: Pagination is suddenly missing

Please post solution!