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PayPal Email Changed

PayPal Email Changed



The paypal email has been changed in the admin, how is this possible if no one has the logins? Is this a potential hack?


I have ran the website through security sites such as but no malicious code was found.


All magento patches where previously installed also.


Is this a common hack?




Re: PayPal Email Changed

We have been having this exact same problem. It happened 4 times in 4 days, then again after a site rebuild on the latest version of Magento.

So they may have either have gotten in via a module/extension or something in my template files...


Did you have any luck on solving this?

Re: PayPal Email Changed

Same problem. We are getting hacked daily and they are able to determine the new admin URL, Admin User Name and Password and access the admin section to change PayPal


Anyone know how they are doing this ?