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PayPal Express Invalid Transaction ID

PayPal Express Invalid Transaction ID


I'm trying to integrate PayPal Express.  I have entered all configuration parameters for PayPal Express in the Magento extension; however, anytime I simulate a test payment I encounter two issues.

1. The status of the orders always falls to 'Payment Review', even though I have configured the payment action to 'Sale'.

2. Even when I click on Accept Payment, Deny Payment or Get Payment Update, I get an invalid transaction error - please see screenshots.

Everything goes smoothly with regards to the payment process, but the transaction id in the order seems to differ from the transaction id in the users account. Even though the Order ID is the same.

Would appreciate an help I can get. I have Googled this issue, but I've not found any solutions yet.



Re: PayPal Express Invalid Transaction ID

Try to disable "Transfer Cart Line items" option in System -> Configuration -> Payment method -> Paypal.


If that doesn't help, try to apply this solution:


Let me know how it goes.

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