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PayPal Pro HTTP 500 error

PayPal Pro HTTP 500 error

Hi everyone, 


I am having trouble with my ecommerce (Magento v. and PayPal Pro module.


One month ago I tried to upgrade my payment method from PayPal Standard to PayPal Pro and everything seemed to work properly. I added an item to the cart, went through the checkout process and I landed on the thank you page. So far so good.


But the problem is that Magento does not send the confirmation email anymore (before with PayPal Standard worked well) and the status of the order is "Pending Payment" even if it should be "Processing" because I receive money in my PayPal account.


So I set up a test website to do some tests with PayPal Pro but still nothing.

This is the link to my test website:


I have already sent a lot of email to PayPal Tech support and to the support of my hosting company. Basically PayPal said that checking the log file they can see a "HTTP Error 500" so it should be related to my server configuration. But my hosting company claimed that from their side everything is ok and they do not see any problem.


I tried to find the solution online reading forums, blogs etc. but I am still struggling with this issue. It is really annoying because in this way I can not keep users on my website during the checkout and I can not track what they do during the payment process (if and why they drop out etc.)


Hope someone can help me to solve this issue.


Thank you in advance for the help.