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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Hi, I need help!


I have created my store and finished it. Now when i go to the payment setting configuration and attempt to type in any of my paypal API's it instantly crashes the page and i have to press "Kill". I really need to set up the paypal option however I just can't seem to get around it. I have tried different browsers and different computers and they all crash.


I am running Magento 1.9




Re: Payment Methods

This is not Magento PayPal payment method normal behaviour. I would check those two things first:


  1. I'd check browsers JS console open during the crash to see what's going on (keeping an eye on browsers network requests wouldn't hurt either).
  2. Check var/log files to see if there's anything interesting.
Tanel Raja

Re: Payment Methods

Hi, Thanks for your reply.


I have done that and just cannot seem to find anything! It is very strange.

I have attempted to reinstall the script and the same thing happens again! I am not sure why this is, it does the same when i try and change the payment methods on my phone!


I have a slight feeling it may be my hosting provider which means I will have to find another e-commerce script. Its a shame! Magento was one of the best ones I could find.. Probably not going to be able to find one like it.


Thanks for your help anyway.