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Paypal API Express Checkout problem

Paypal API Express Checkout problem

When i try and update my API details in Paypal Express Checkout and save, the details get re-written by the default.
I've tried clearing all the cache and even searched the database for where these details are kept, but they don't appear to be anywhere.


Am i missing something?

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Re: Paypal API Express Checkout problem



I am not understanding the issue/use case you are describing.  Are you saying that the API credentials are not being set with the new information when you typed them in?  Have you looked at the following url - express checkout  to help you walk through the setup?  Also if you are still having problems please contact our support team at  We will be more than happy to assist you setting up the Express Checkout piece.



Re: Paypal API Express Checkout problem

Yes, i have followed those instructions and when i get to Step 2 6c, i paste my credetials into the boxes as seen in the screenshot here:


And when i click "Save Config" it reverts to the following:



As you can see the API username, password and signature are much shorter. I'm not getting anything showing up in the error log.


Where is this information stored? I would like to check that it's actually being saved to wherevere this is.