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Paypal HSS getting odd response from saveOrderAction()

Paypal HSS getting odd response from saveOrderAction()



I am facing a really odd issue where the hosted solution for Paypal is not working.


Upon clicking the 'Continue' button at the 'Order Review' stage of the checkout process an AJAX request to `checkout/onepage/saveOrder` is made, but the iframe is never shown to complete the purchase. The order is saved in the admin, although with the status of 'Pending Payment'.


I also see an odd response from the AJAX request:

  "success": false,
  "error": false,
  "update_section": {
    "name": "paypaliframe",
    "html": ""

I assume here that the html section should return the code of the iframe but it's also strange that it's returning `success: false` and `error: false`...So I don't know which it is!


I have tried getting in touch with Paypal support, they tell me they're not receiving any requests and to check the credentials and to reinstall the module. I've checked the credentials & reinstalled the module (also upgraded to and nothings working.


I am sure my credentials are correct as the express option and the non-hosted version both work fine.