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Paypal no surname

Paypal no surname

After updating to Magento 1.9 most of our PayPal orders can not be processed because the customer name field will be populated with both the name and surname while the surname field remains empty. I am not sure if this is a problem with the customers data entered directly in PayPal but since the problem started occuring after the update I am assuming something is not working as it should...


Re: Paypal no surname

In Model/Express/Checkout.php the returnFromPaypal($token) function includes this:


If I remove this, I can change the _exportAddressses function in Model/Api/Nvp.php to include

'firstname'  => $data['FIRSTNAME'],
'lastname'  => $data['LASTNAME'],

instead of

'firstname'  => $data['SHIPTONAME'],

This will properly assign first- and lastname to their respective fields. I am still trying to figure out, why Magento is assigning the full name to the firstname field in the first place - and why nobody is bothered by this...

Re: Paypal no surname

although this looks like the solution it is not a 100% fix


shipname is used for shipping


and this can differ from billing name


but I do agree that esp in the case of PP Express Checkout this is often the same person


I think they just did not know howto or did not want to split the full SHIPNAME variable in to 2 segments being first and lastname (which is rather hard)