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Phantom Products in Search Results

Phantom Products in Search Results

Hello Everyone,

 I recently began assisting in the cleanup and maintenance of a store based on a Magento install. Eventually we will be re-doing everything (in the next year or two) but I want to try and correct any problems we have with this one.


So if you were to search for an item. Let's say you type in 'brush', normal results come up - but within the results are blank 'items' with only the 'add to cart' and 'add to wishlist' options showing.


If I add one of the blank items to the cart, it adds the normal item listed above it.

Here is a screenshot:


I'm assuming it has something to do with the cache, maybe? Not sure, this is the first Magento store I've really worked with.


Any help is greatly apprecaited! I did search around for people with similar issues, but I couldn't find anything.


Re: Phanton Products in Search Results

Do you use automated integration to get your products into Magento? I've seen thing like that happen when for some reason your product is missing some data for a chosen view.

Tanel Raja

Re: Phanton Products in Search Results

As far as I know, when the site was first created - products were imported in a batch, if that's what you mean by 'automated integration'. Otherwise, everything is entered manually. I do use the duplicate option when I'm doing multi-color products. Other than that I'm not sure. Thanks for the response, I hope I can figure this out. Smiley Wink

Re: Phantom Products in Search Results

So I ended up digging into the code and figured out that the problem was CSS related. Basically, the width of the container for the search results needed to be larger. I'm running into some further problems now with the way the items are displayed (in catalogsearch.xml), but that's a story for another thread I guess Smiley Wink There are some serious issues with this install, but I'm slowly getting things taken care of...