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'Place Order' button not visible on ios devices

'Place Order' button not visible on ios devices

Recently upgraded to Magento1.9.0.1 and worked with external developer to make website 'mobile ready'.


Unfortunately experiencing issues with shopping cart checkout, where the 'PLACE ORDER' button is not visible on final step, when using iOS on ipad and iphone.


This only seems to occur on second attempt on each device (first attempt works as normal). Clearing history and cache seems to temporarily overcomes issue, however I can't ask customer to do this every second time they wish to purchase. 


When probelm occurs, The 'PLACE BUTTON' is not visible however still functions and is able to be clicked on, even though it appears as white space. 


The formatting of page also drops off, with the 'blue screen' header appearing, although no specific error message.  


No issues when using desktop or other operating systems.  


I've been told this may be a server, cache issue, however any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a technical person and have had no success with our normal developer as yet.


Thank you