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Price rounding up


Price rounding up

I have been having an issue with prices rounding up but only when the price is £39.99.


I am using version with Unicenta and the plug-ins to get the databases to sync.


In Unicenta if I change the price to £29.99, it will show up on magento correctly.


When I put in £49.99 it shows it correctly to.


But when I change it to £39.99, it will show up as £40.


When I originally set the server up everything was working (tax wise) I reloaded the server (VPS from OVH) as I realised the pictures I was using for products in Unicenta was to big and causing database issues and failure to open up the products menu in unicenta. But the fault is still showing.


I am fairly sure that the tax is all set up correctly in Magento and Unicenta.


Any one have any ideas?