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Problem adding new options to existing attribute

Problem adding new options to existing attribute

I am selling sandwiches on my website and people can select what kind of bread they want to use for their sandwich.


The problem:

I want to add new breads to my sandwiches. I have several configurable products (sandwich cheese, ham etc etc) on my website. Customers can 'create' their own sandwich. No i have new breads for the sandwiches which I want to add in the attribute options.


Adding these breads to the attribute options isn't a problem, it works fine. But if I open a configurable product let's say the sandwich cheese to add the new attribute option to the product it's not working.


At first I do see the new option (the new kind of bread)  under associated products. I add the product like I always did with the create fast option and give the new bread a price. After saving you see what i've put on the image below. There is an option false begin shown and the new bread has no bread as you can see in the second collum from the right. 2 rows are left empty there, and I don't know why or how to change this.


It shouldn't be that hard to add some new breads to my sandwiches at all, or am I overseeing something? Can someone please help me with this issue?


Kind regards from the Netherlands,




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