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Problem importing my CSV (1000+ products)

Problem importing my CSV (1000+ products)

Anybody got an explination as to whay this is happening....

I go to import my products (CSV) System > Import/Export > Import 

upload my csv and get 

  • Import successfully done.

BUT! it doesnt actually import ANY products......

The CSV from my DropBox Account.

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Re: Problem importing my CSV (1000+ products)

Hello @tiltshift


Can you please specify if the products are not visible in Magento back-end or front-end? or both?


-Reindex and clear cache.

-I see that in your file 'is_in_stock' column is set to 0, it means that the products will be out-of-stock.

-Also make sure that your import file is resaved using UTF-8 encoding.

Here are other points to check if your products are not visible at the front-end -




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Re: Problem importing my CSV (1000+ products)

is_in_stock is "0" in your CSV.. may be your problem if you haven't yet found a solution