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Problem running cronjobs

Problem running cronjobs



I just updated my magento from to on my debian server. 


Now I do have problems with mails, because of the que they are in.

If I have mail in the que and I run manually the in a ssh terminal, everything works they way it is expected.


So I tried to put this into a crontab like this:


in /etc/crontab


*/1 * * * * root /path/to/htdocs/


when I look to /var/log/syslog


it shows me that it run the command, but nothing is happening, the mails will still stay in the que till i manually will start the


I tried to put in the user crontab -e


I tried other versions with /bin/sh before the path ....


I also tried the cron.php version with same result, manuell everything is good, but no success true crontab, with or without the


$isShellDisabled = true;


But I still do not get this working. the is executable I always tried to run in as root or www-data, but no success.


Is there anybody that have an idea?


best regards




Re: Problem running cronjobs

Maybe you can try a webcron service called to trigger the cron.php to run, it very easy to set up and supports multiple configurations.